October 8, 2013 12:24 am
The difference between Thang Long OSC & others in Vietnam: We stand unique on the following points..

There are numerous employers in Asia and in the Middle-East giving us their feedbacks and concrete testimonials to Thang Long OSC capabilities such as:

  • Thang Long OSC has a large pool of Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Un-Skilled workers;
  • Vietnam labors are also educated, skilled, well trained, experienced, patient, hardworking, loyal, to get used to the work very quickly and hiring cost is specially among the lowest from the Asia regions;
  • Whenever you need engineers or welders; mechanics or drivers; carpenters or painters; pipe-fitters or plumbers, riggers or steel fixers; scaffolders or masons…etc you will find Vietnamese worker to the task and Vietnamese worker is exactly an asset to his employers and an asset to the place where he work for. These facts pave the way to high productivity and cost effective…
We are the right people to deal with because:
  • Our recruitment team is all experienced professionals,
  • Our approach is straight-talking and no-nonsense,
  • Our business is well-resourced, successful and professionally run,
  • The standard of our candidates are high,
  • We make sure that our processes are consistent transparent and equitable,
  • Once the terms of engagement have been agreed, we will meet them for sure.

The difference between Thang Long OSC & others in Vietnam:

We stand unique on the following points:

  • Our Recruitment Process;
  • Our HR Process;
  • Our Contractual Process;
  • Our standard of Hiring Criteria
  • Our commitment to our customers and candidates;
  • Our reputation in the market which enable us to attract more candidates;
  • Each of Thang Long OSC staffs is an administrator and has strong HR skills which enables us to source at different levels from different cities and provinces of Vietnam;

We have experienced of years and have developed expertise in understanding from which area we can source the categories required by our customers from various industries.

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